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BALI - For Indonesian cuisine lovers, the Bali is a true gem. Traditional Indonesian dishes. Address: Brüsseler Platz 2

BRAUHAUS FRÜH - For those who seek the traditional Köln, a visit to the Brauhaus Früh is a true must. Address: Am Hof 12-14

CAFÉ CENTRAL - A fine and modern night-out for Köln’s artists and other fascinating people, the Café Central stands for a true institution in Köln’s Cafe scene. Address: Jülicher Str. 1

CAFÉ SCHMITZ - One of Köln’s most breathtaking Cafés situated in the northern area of the city (Agnesviertel). Address: Hansaring 98

DIETERMÜLLER - the restaurant Dieter Müller is one of the absolute best restaurants in Deutschland - three Michelin stars (only five houses in Deutschland shares this achievement). Address: Lerbacher Weg 51465 Bergisch Gladbach

HOTELUX - With its oriental Russian, Ukrainian or Armenian cuisine, it offers dishes that literally aren't served anywhere else in cologne. Address: Von-Sandt-Platz 10

KYOTO - the Kyoto offers oriental Japanese Sushi in a refreshingly minimalistic Asian atmosphere. address: Brüsseler Str. 12

OSMAN - The Osman is one of the fresh additions to Köln’s restaurant scene. Address: Mediapark 7

SUMO - The sushi bar offers a variety of splendid sushi and other Japanese specialties, sure to make your mouth water. Aachener Str. 17-19